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Glasgow Kiss collectively have over 100 years of performing behind them.  As a group they have been together for over 10 years now.  While local to the Calgary market, they are highly requested for Celtic and East Coast events all over Southern Alberta including the Highland Games.  Their leader Stuart Kelly, originally hails from Scotland which is evident by his thick Scottish brogue and he brings an authenticity to their music that frankly, many celtic bands only imitate.  While the band is of course Celtic in origin, they also perform East Coast style of Celtic and main stream cover and classic danceable rock to mix into their performance to maximum effect.

The One & Only ‘GlasgowKISS’ CelticSkiffleRock Band

Fun Live Entertainment, Fit For Any Occasion!

With deep roots in South West Scotland, the GlasgowKISS Band performs a wide range of music with a difference.

It is not only "Celtic" but has it's own unique flavour added to the pop music of the last 50yrs

So if ye want to hear some live music with a fresh twist
GlagowKISS is available for any occasion !


Soundcheck @ CFB Edmonton Lobster Boil !

Set of Reels @ The Brickwell Taphouse in Calgary